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Brokers and CPAs can rest easy knowing their interests are being protected when they “Think McGowan.”

CPAs & Accounting firms face numerous uncertainties in their job.   McGowan Program Administrators (MPA) has created a program for public accounting firms nationwide that provide a quality professional liability solution.  This program is called CPAOnePro ℠.

After continually wanting more for our CPA firm clients but never finding the ideal insurance solution, we decided to do something about it.  The CPAOnePro ℠ policy was designed by our professional liability insurance experts with decades of experience working with CPA firm clients by cherry-picking the best features from dozens of policies in the market today and adding coverage enhancements where we perceived gaps. We’re proud to offer you what we believe is the best insurance policy available for CPA firms today.



CPAOnePro ℠ Product Overview

Eligible Classes

  • Accounting Firms
  • CPAs
  • Accountants

Product: Professional Liability Insurance

Limits: Up to $10MM

Carrier: “A” Rated Carrier / Admitted Paper

Territory: Nationwide

Special Features & Coverages

  • Claims Expenses in Addition to the Limits of Liability Available
  • Loss Only/First Dollar Defense Deductibles Available
  • Aggregate Deductible Options Available
  • Loss Control Hotline
  • Claims Triage Service
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Broad Network Security & Privacy Coverage
  • Risk Management Service

Partnering with McGowan

Brokers who partner with McGowan not only gain access to an experienced team of insurance professionals who understand the nature of the accounting industry, they also get the unique policies afforded with McGowan’s “Power of the Pen.” With limits up to $10 million and coverages available everywhere in the country, accounting agents can rest easy at night when they Think McGowan.

Download: Accountants Professional Liability Marketing Flyer

Accountants Professional Liability Applications

Download: CPAOnePro Application – Short Form
Download: CPAOnePro Application – Long Form

Accountants Professional Liability Resources

Insurance doesn’t help you avoid a claim, that’s the role of risk management. As a CPAOnePro ℠ client you’ll have direct access to our risk management team and educational resources at no additional cost.

Claims Handling

We’ve carefully assembled and trained a team of amazing individuals who will support and advise you throughout the claim process. You can also feel confident that our legal and risk management leadership team will be apprised of any issues related to your claim that need advanced research or guidance.

Claims Triage is used to quickly assess the following attributes of a subpoena, incident or claim:

  • Nature and facts of the reported matter
  • Potential damages
  • Possibility of facts to mitigate damages
  • Possible outcomes
  • Possible defenses
  • Need for experts

Report A Claim


Contact:  Dogan Tuncel