McGowan Package Insurance Program For McDonald’s Franchisees

McGowan Package Insurance Program For McDonald’s Franchisees

McGowan Program Administrators (MPA), founded in 1954, is America’s leading writer of innovative insurance programs. McGowan has remained stable, reliable, and versatile in a volatile and ever-changing marketplace. McGowan prides itself on our outstanding Risk Management Library. We find that education is just as important as great insurance coverage. Our companies’ success was founded on providing the finest service in the industry. We still aspire to that level of service today. We hope that you can discover the benefits of working with McGowan and become one of our long-lasting relationships so that when you think insurance, you Think McGowan.

Why Should Franchisee Owners/Operators
Use Us?

• Experts in Insurance
• Dedicated Service
• Experts in Risk Management
• We know your business
• Competitive Pricing
• Enhanced Coverages

The Famous McGowan Service

Every member of the McGowan corporate family, from the receptionist to the C.E.O., is committed to providing “Uncommon Service” to each of our business partners. “Uncommon Service” is achieved by thorough training of all employees, continuing education, constructive seminars, creative team building, and, most importantly, a vibrant and unique corporate culture. Our hope is that Uncommon Service will build the foundation for multi-decade long partnerships.

What is “Uncommon Service?”

• Quotes are competitively priced.
• We are committed to Quality Control. Our policies are issued quickly and accurately – the first time.
• We couple cutting-edge program administration technology with old-fashioned manners. We say things such as, “please” and “thank you.”
• You will speak with someone who is experienced in package insurance and will work with you to obtain the best options for your business.

Download: McGowan Package Insurance Program For McDonald’s Franchisees Brochure

How Do I Apply?

Although we are a newly approved Package Insurance Program for McDonald’s franchisees, we are not new to this space. We have been insuring the restaurant industry for more than 50 years. McGowan’s dedicated team for McDonald’s franchisees will utilize a consultative approach with each Operator! Our team knows what Franchisee owners/operators need. Here at McGowan, we realize it goes beyond insurance coverage and the importance of risk management. McGowan understands the risks and offers a comprehensive insurance policy to not only protect and prevent an incident but also help respond and recover if one occurs.

Our application process is simple and requires no additional steps than you are already accustomed to. Simply ensure McGowan Program Administrators is selected when you complete your 2020 Package Insurance Application through the McDonald’s portal, which will open December 2019.

Visit: and complete the online application. Be sure to select McGowan Program Administrators as the broker you’d like to receive a quote from. We’ll contact you if we need any additional information.  Corporate McDonald’s requires that all applications be completed online through

If you have any questions about the process or need any help, please contact us at the information below, we are ready for your call!

Contact Us:
P:  888-892-2373
F:  440-333-3214

Operators please contact us via email or phone if you need to request a certificate of insurance, add/delete locations, or any billing questions.

Claim Reporting

McDonald’s requires all Property and General Liability claims to reported to their centralized claim reporting center call “NAVEX”.  Below is their phone number:

Toll Free: 800-323-5650

EPLI claims for the NOIT Endorsed D&O/EPLI Program:

Cyber Liability claims for the NOIT Endorsed Cyber Liability/Privacy Protection Program:

Download: McDonald’s Claim Reporting Flyer