Welcome to SmarterARRAY®

High-volume , Data-intense delivery of vital coverage for a large number of insureds.

  1. Three candidates for SmarterArray®

    a. Programs that feature a large number of insureds and/or units. These can be Franchisees, a controlled book of homogenous risks such as package delivery sub-contractors, dentists, or association members.
    b. Certain lines of business are to volatile, specialized or risk management dependent to be included in a Package policy. Yet the unit price is too small to be handled effectively underwriting individually.
    c. A broker or network brokers with digital delivery mechanisms and ability to provide customer service for support through call centers or sufficiently large customer service network.
  2. Data mining. We don’t want your applications we want your data.

    a. Records must include sufficient data fields to properly inform Rating engines and issue documents (Formal quotes, Binders, Policies, Certificates of Insurance)
    b. Data sources an be from a franchisor, an aggregator, a broker’s Agency management system, a Carrier’s database, an Association’s membership list.
  3. SmarterARRAYs® are interactive.

    a. They display quotes and will have the capabilities to complete the transaction, whether it be a limited number of underwriting questions and/or binding instructions.
  4. SmarterARRAYs® are Broker, Risk Manager or Association Controlled

    a. The product is always white labelled. MPA always serves in the background.
  5. SmarterARRAYs® combine an array of coverages, sometimes competing quotes on a specific line of business. It is your best method to to round out an account.

  6. SmarterARRAYs® work by generating a GUID – a unique identifier that acts as a URL and can be emailed or digitally transmitted.

    a. Can be displayed on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.
    b. They can be shared as a document vis Webex, Teams, or other file sharing platform.
    c. The broker and the insured have the identical view and are instrumental in a consultative sales model.

High Volume, Data-Intense, Private-Labeled, Scalable.