Employee Practices Liability Insurance

EPLI Policy Overview

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is an absolute necessity for any organization that employs people. Most EPLI professionals who have studied this risk exposure universally agree with the actuarial analysis conclusion that in today’s world, it’s not a matter of “if you will be sued by an employee, but when.” McGowan has been a pioneer in evolving this coverage in partnership with a group of sophisticated international carrier partners. What sets McGowan’s EPLI apart from standard policies is the integration of several support entities and facilities that meet or exceed federal and state regulations and compliance standards. We offer superior Risk Management with LaPointe Law. For more information on Risk Management, click here.

While individual EPLI policies can be customized to fit the specific needs of our insured clients, the fundamental components of our EPLI coverages include:

– Employee harassment, retaliation and discrimination
– Career deprivation and wrongful termination
– Failure to employ or promote and breach of contract
– Misrepresentation, negligent evaluation and defamation