Speaking and Conference Schedule for Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Managing Director

Want to hear more about McGowan Program Administrators’ Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Programs? Register for our monthly webinar the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM EST.

Paul Marshall, Managing Director of McGowan’s Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Program, will be presenting data on active shooter scenarios, workplace violence, and related coverage at the following conferences.

2020 Speaking Engagements and Conference Schedule

Feb. 2: Phoenix area – Phoenix, AZ

Feb. 9-14: LA CA CE – Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 17-18: Pittsburgh CE – Pittsburgh, PA

Feb. 19-20: Houston CE  – Houston, TX

Feb. 24-26: Michigan Big – Michigan

Feb. 27-28: URMIA Eastern Regional – Raleigh, NC

March 2-6: Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

March 10-12: CPCU Society 2020 Reinsurance Symposium – Philadelphia, PA

March 12-13: URMIA Western Regional Conference – Sacramento, CA

April 13-17: LA/SFO CA E&S – Los Angeles, CA

April 15-16: URMIA Northeastern Regional – Philadelphia, PA

April 27: Austin Independent Universities of TX– Austin, TX

May 4-7: RIMS 2020 Denver– Denver, CO

May 14: I-Day 2020 – Pittsburgh, PA

May 18-19: URMIA Central Regional Conference– Cincinnati, OH

June 14-17: PRIMA 2020 Annual Conference– Nashville, TN

July 27: Florida RIMS Educational Conference – Naples, FL

Sept. 14: WSIA Annual – San Diego, CA

Oct. 19-23: Orlando PRIMA – Orlando, FL