McDonald's Franchise -Why Training Matters

Training is an essential item to invest in as an Owner/Operator. Sound training practices lead to smooth operations. And stable operations mean happy customers.

When they visit your restaurants, customers expect a great experience. Training plays a significant role in creating that guest experience. A well-trained workforce saves you time and money and increases profitability.

As the Owner/Operator of a franchise, staying up-to-date on the latest developments and techniques within the franchise is critical. The best way to do that is through on-going training, not just of staff, but also for yourself.

Creating a culture that encourages learning and improvement within your staff is a key ingredient in running a successful franchise. These steps will go a long way towards keeping staff happy and engaged, and customers coming back.

Benefits of Training for Franchise Owners and Operators

1. Help Staff to Better Understand the Business

Training helps your staff understand the business better. Training is typically tied to the franchise operations & training (O&T) manual, which is a critical component of the franchise’s quality control mechanism.

And the O&T manual is there for a reason. It will teach you and your staff what to do in case of an emergency, such as a fire or natural disaster, and helps prevent customer claims. When your team understands the business, they are more equipped to know their role and responsibility, either in preparing for a natural disaster or fire or helping with customers. This can go a long way in keeping property and customer claims lower. 

The O&T manual also provides you and your employees with a valuable history of the business. It helps connect and create community both with your customers and with your team.

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2. Staff Who Believe They Are Growing Will Stay Longer

Employees who continue to learn and grow will stay with the franchise longer. On-going training helps staff to feel challenged and that they are continually learning new skills. They will continue to discover new ways to be more efficient.

On-going training helps satisfy an employee’s appetite for knowledge and career growth. One way to make training successful is to keep it lively, fun, and engaging. These qualities also help build a culture that values innovation and adaptation.

3. Investment in Yourself Is an Investment in Your Customers

On-going training allows franchise Owners and Operators to invest in their success, and to invest in their customers.

No one expects you to know the ins and outs of the business on the first day. Take advantage of on-going training opportunities, especially franchisee education programs that go beyond your initial training. These opportunities help you and your staff and set your franchise up for success.

On-going training also teaches you new ways to listen to and act on customer feedback to improve operations. It shows you value your customers’ opinions, and you help shape your specific franchise location to the customers’ needs.

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As a franchise Owner/Operator, challenge yourself to never to stop learning. McGowan’s Package Insurance Program for McDonald’s Franchisees is just one way you can continue to learn and grow as a franchisee. The McGowan corporate family is committed to “Uncommon Service” to our clients. We achieve this by training our own team, providing continuing education, attending seminars, and so much more.

Even with the best training practices and programs, your franchise can’t be protected from catastrophes or customer claims. Being prepared means having the insurance that covers what you need it to cover. The McGowan Package Insurance Program for McDonald’s Franchisees offers property and general liability coverage for your business.

McGowan Program Administrators have been serving the foodservice industry for more than 50 years. We know your business, and we know insurance.

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