With the increased publicity of recent school shootings, Paul Marshall, McGowan’s Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Program Director, was recently highlighted in an interview with Reuters.

“Our goal at McGowan is to make sure every organization has proper coverage for these kinds of incidents,” Marshall said. “The added exposure is exciting because it means more businesses will be informed and take appropriate action to ensure that if tragedy strikes, they’re prepared for it. So many company leaders think they’re already covered for a tragic event like we often witness on the news, but, unfortunately, they’re not. School and organization leaders often find their general liability policies fall short of the cascade of bills and victims’ needs typically following a violent incident.”

McGowan’s Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance covers liability and extra expenses tied to shootings, providing up to $250,000 in victim death benefits with additional medical expense benefits. The program considers all classes of business, including but not limited to government agencies, education, religious institutions, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and public entities. The program also covers a wide range of attack-types, such as knife and vehicular attacks, rather than solely deadly attacks committed with a firearm.

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