Trampoline Park Injuries Are On The Rise: Is Your Business Protected?

Trampoline parks have skyrocketed in popularity since 2000. As the popularity of trampoline parks has grown, the number of emergency room trips and lawsuits filed due to injuries sustained at trampoline parks has also increased. As a result, trampoline park owners need to protect themselves by taking steps to make their parks safer. Purchasing liability […]

Preventing Slips and Falls at Theme Parks

Falls are the most commonly reported injuries at theme parks across the country. More than 43,000 people were injured at amusement parks in 2017. Amusement park injuries are caused by: Mechanical failures Defective rides Rider operator error Slip & fall accidents When most people think of an amusement park injury, they think of catastrophic injuries […]

Indoor Waterparks: Reducing Injuries on Slides and Wavepools

Families looking for quality recreation time in a safe environment often choose an indoor waterpark for their family entertainment. Indoor waterparks offer a safer option than oceans, lakes, and rivers, and even some swimming pools. Waterparks can be indoors, outdoors, or both, and often feature blended amusement park concepts that create a fun, family-oriented environment. […]

What Turns an Incident Into a Lawsuit?

You can’t prevent every injury at your family entertainment center (FEC). The abundance of variables with mechanical parts and the boundless potential for human error are too vast to reduce injury risk completely to zero. But you can reduce the likelihood of getting sued. These four tactics can keep your customers safer while making it […]