Why Soil Erosion Can Spell Ruin For Contractors

digging machine

All varieties of contractors — from excavation and grading to street and road to commercial building — are susceptible to pollution issues from soil erosion and sediment. For this reason, it is vitally important that contractors across all segments and their insurance brokers consider their potential soil erosion and sediment control exposures to create a […]

General Liability Pollution Exclusions: What’s the Impact on Contractors?

Contractors can face crushing liabilities if their commercial general liability insurance policy contains a pollution exclusion. After all, pollution and contamination trigger expensive lawsuits against contractors. A commercial general liability (CGL) policy that excludes pollution coverage could leave contractors on the hook for damages from: Spreading contaminated soils. A contractor who moves fill dirt from […]

Hidden Environmental Risks All Contractors Face

Contractors have enough trouble with visible risks — cutting tools, heavy machinery, distracted workers, and so on. Hidden environmental dangers create a whole new category of risk management. Concealed dangers may be highly specific, like the spread of pathogens in heating ducts, or they can be more general, like a buried fuel tank on a construction […]

Why Mold Can Spell Disaster for All Types of Contractors

Mold is a destructive nemesis for the construction industry and it has caused numerous problems for all kinds of contractors ranging from electricians to HVAC to roofers to environmental remediation. When it comes to mold-related issues, mold doesn’t discriminate. For this reason, it is vital that contractors across all segments and their insurance brokers consider […]

Clean Fill for Contractors: When is Clean Actually Clean?

The quest for clean fill can be a dirty business for contractors. If you get it right, you have unpolluted fill dirt that’s critical to finishing a construction project on time and within budget. If you get it wrong, however, you’re looking at litigation, regulatory penalties, and potential damage to your professional reputation. These are […]