Common Security Mistakes Made by Homeowners’ Associations

Homeowners’ associations provide their members with many benefits, including protecting property values, a sense of community, maintenance of common areas, and a healthy living environment. When HOAs provide additional amenities for community members, the benefits can be even more significant. But providing these benefits comes with a responsibility to association members, and if something goes […]

Simple Ways to Avoid Community Association Lawsuits

Community association volunteer board members often bear the brunt of complaints and challenges when they change rules, make decisions, or pass special assessments. Many times, unhappy unit owners can go so far as to file claims and lawsuits against community associations and their board members. Even the most conscientious community association boards can find themselves […]

5 Habits of Successful Community Association Leaders

It’s not what you say to get elected to the board of your community association. It’s what you do once you’re in charge. Most HOA and community association leaders come in as rookies. They feel a sense of responsibility for their neighborhood and an urgency to defend property values. However, that’s not much preparation for […]

Top Seasonal Threats for Community Associations

As a leader of an HOA or community association, you’re not just thinking about the risks to your home and family. You’re weighing the safety of your neighbors and protecting the value of their property. That puts a whole new spin on seasonal tasks like shoveling sidewalks or getting trick-or-treaters home safely. Most seasonal risks […]

3 Must-Haves for Community Associations

Community associations and HOAs have a lot on their plate: lawns to mow, fees to collect, feuds to tamp down. If they succeed, property values climb and people feel safe. If they fail, property values falter and neighborhood bonds fray. The health of a community association often depends on three critical factors: governing documents, neighborhood […]

Why Cyber Insurance is a Must for Community Associations

Two words explain why community associations and HOAs need cyber insurance — motive and opportunity. Motive — HOAs store valuable private data that may encourage cybercriminals: Full names and addresses Bank account numbers Social Security and driver’s license numbers Makes and models of cars Property values Opportunity — HOA leaders may have limited financial resources, […]