How AI Can Prevent Mass Shootings

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in almost every aspect of business, including security systems that can detect mass shootings. AI is transforming surveillance cameras from static observers to active security personnel that can identify people, suspicious behavior, and weapons. Drones and robots are being used to announce threats and reduce response times. Machine learning algorithms analyze […]

Why Active Shooter Insurance is Important

Active shooter/workplace violence insurance programs vary, but whichever policy you choose, it’s important to remember these policies represent more than just an extra budget item. The vital detail to keep in mind is that standard business liability coverage doesn’t provide adequate coverage for active shooter/workplace violence attacks. Many policies were created before the mass shooting […]

COVID-19: Understanding and Mitigating Workplace Violence

Amid the chaos caused by the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, people find themselves under enormous strain and pressure. They are worried about the health and safety of themselves and family members. They are facing financial stress due to reduced hours at work or losing a job. And they are concerned about shortages of essential items […]

How Best to Protect Hospitals and Patients During an Active Shooter Incident

During active shooter training, instructors teach several different response plans to equip healthcare employees with the tools necessary to act quickly and decisively during an active shooter incident. Let’s take a look at the challenges and appropriate responses to help protect you and your patients during an event.  Challenges hospitals face with active shooter incidents  The […]

The Challenges Hospitals Face with the Rise in Active Shooter Incidents

With the increase in active shooter incidents across the U.S., hospitals have another vital role to play beyond their day-to-day responsibilities for the health and wellness of the community. Hospital administrators and staff members must also rise to the challenge of keeping patients, visitors, each other, and themselves safe amid growing threats of violence and […]

Hospital Active Shooter Threats: What You Need to Know

Hospital shootings are on the rise over the last two decades. A 2012 Annals of Internal Medicine study identified 154 shootings between 2000 and 2011. There were a handful of incidents reported in 2000, but in 2015, more than 20 shootings occurred in hospital facilities. Unfortunately, active shooter events on hospital grounds are now nearly […]