Property Damage Liability: The Cost of Civil Unrest


The widespread civil unrest and rioting the nation experienced in 2020 has spotlighted property damage liability and the language we use to talk about providing coverage for the types of events that took place. It’s still unclear what the final tally of losses will be, but many reports are estimating over $2 Billion, which would be […]

Companies Taking Notice of Safe Workplace OSHA Requirements


In terms of reopening the economy and getting back to some semblance of normalcy, 2021 might be the year we hoped for. As much of a relief as that is, unfortunately, there are no signs that the civil unrest we saw in 2020 will dissipate in 2021. The protests and riots in 140 U.S. cities […]

Differences between Active Shooter/Workplace Policies vs. Terrorism Insurance Policies?

terrorism insurance

Over the last several years, there has been a rise in the need for active shooter or incident coverage for various industries ranging from healthcare to retail. What these policies cover and what people should be looking for can be overwhelming. Paul Marshall, Managing Director of McGowan Companies Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Programs, breaks down […]

What You Need to Know About Civil Unrest and Business Protection

civil unrest

Business owners in cities across the country face navigating the effects of a global pandemic and the uncertainty that it brings and continuing civil unrest. Throughout 2020, civil unrest has resulted in tens of millions in losses for businesses. From broken storefront windows to fires, the damage and losses have been debilitating for unprepared companies. […]

How AI Can Prevent Mass Shootings

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in almost every aspect of business, including security systems that can detect mass shootings. AI is transforming surveillance cameras from static observers to active security personnel that can identify people, suspicious behavior, and weapons. Drones and robots are being used to announce threats and reduce response times. Machine learning algorithms analyze […]

Why Active Shooter Insurance is Important

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Active shooter/workplace violence insurance programs vary, but whichever policy you choose, it’s important to remember these policies represent more than just an extra budget item. The vital detail to keep in mind is that standard business liability coverage doesn’t provide adequate coverage for active shooter/workplace violence attacks. Many policies were created before the mass shooting […]