Common Security Mistakes Made by Homeowners’ Associations

Homeowners’ associations provide their members with many benefits, including protecting property values, a sense of community, maintenance of common areas, and a healthy living environment. When HOAs provide additional amenities for community members, the benefits can be even more significant. But providing these benefits comes with a responsibility to association members, and if something goes […]

The Rise of Mass Shootings: Houses of Worship Prepare for the Worst

In the U.S., mass shootings have occurred in a variety of spaces. Some have taken place in playgrounds, nursing homes, movie theaters, and in many schools and churches.   The sad reality is that mass shootings do occur in houses of worship, including Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Benedictine monasteries, Sikh temples, and Amish schools. Deadly […]

3 Tips to Avoid Costly Slip, Trip, and Fall Claims

Owner / Operators of McDonald’s franchises, like any other business owner, are responsible for the safety and maintenance of their premises. Fall injuries are the leading cause of visits to the emergency room (21.3%) and account for more than 8 million ER visits every year. Slip and fall injuries account for more than 1 million […]

Why Training Matters for Franchise Owners and Operators

Training is an essential item to invest in as an Owner/Operator. Sound training practices lead to smooth operations. And stable operations mean happy customers. When they visit your restaurants, customers expect a great experience. Training plays a significant role in creating that guest experience. A well-trained workforce saves you time and money and increases profitability. […]