Fire Safety Tips & Key Statistics

All it takes is one faulty outlet to start a fire in your restaurant, which is more common than you’d think. Fire departments across America respond to roughly 8,240 fires at restaurants per year. These fires result in two civilian deaths on average, along with 115 injuries and $246 million in property damage. Download the […]

Why HOAs and Condo Associations Need D&O Insurance

There’s no getting around the reality that community associations need D&O liability insurance coverage as an integral piece of its risk management program. Volunteer members of the Board of directors make numerous and significant decisions regarding association management.  Directors would not take on these volunteer responsibilities without protection from challenges to their decisions.   Directors are […]

How AI Can Prevent Mass Shootings

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in almost every aspect of business, including security systems that can detect mass shootings. AI is transforming surveillance cameras from static observers to active security personnel that can identify people, suspicious behavior, and weapons. Drones and robots are being used to announce threats and reduce response times. Machine learning algorithms analyze […]

Third-party Claims Against CPAs and Accounting Professionals

Many CPAs don’t purchase professional liability insurance coverage because they think they’ll never be sued by their clients, but they forget about third-party claims. If a client goes bankrupt, their lenders, shareholders, and business partners could file a lawsuit against a CPA to recover their losses. Unfortunately, accounting firms, CPAs, and professional service firms frequently […]

Trampoline Park Injuries Are On The Rise: Is Your Business Protected?

Trampoline parks have skyrocketed in popularity since 2000. As the popularity of trampoline parks has grown, the number of emergency room trips and lawsuits filed due to injuries sustained at trampoline parks has also increased. As a result, trampoline park owners need to protect themselves by taking steps to make their parks safer. Purchasing liability […]

4 Benefits of Using Third-Party Delivery Services for Restaurants

Restaurant delivery is on the rise. People will always enjoy going to a restaurant, but today, more than ever before, the public places orders for delivery.  Third-party delivery is rushing through the restaurant industry. Restaurant business said 21 percent of consumers are increasing carryout orders with delivery orders. Among 18-34-year olds, 30 percent have replaced carryout with delivery. […]