McGowan Package Insurance Program for McDonald’s Franchisees Resources

Hear What Your Colleagues Are Saying!

“As a first-year client service to my account, they have been absolutely first-rate. Highly recommend!”

– 11 Store Florida Operator

“McGowan is earning our renewal with great service and being easy to work with. The Agency may be new to McDonald’s, but they are not new. With Chad Boraca leading the McDonald’s Program, they have a seasoned veteran to navigate all the intricacies of being a McDonald’s supplier. We would not hesitate to trust them to insure your most expensive asset, your McDonald’s restaurants.”

– 3 Store Alaska Operator

“In my 26 years as a McDonald’s Owner/Operator, I have had many insurance agencies and McGowan has been one of the best at fair pricing and customer service. Once I got into the program, I found so many useful benefits like proactive safety/security tips, loss/run, etc. on a continuous basis. No previous insurance companies have shared these reports and stats with me as frequently as McGowan has. For example, I used to get my loss/run information once a year, only right before insurance renewal. The accessibility to staff is incredibly easy with your company and everyone I have worked with is very kind and helpful. McGowan even reached out to me mid-year to see how I thought of their program and service. Unfortunately, most other insurance companies do not perform courtesy checks to see if the customer has any other unmet needs.

Some others have discouraged me from joining McGowan because it is a newer company and does not have extensive experience in McDonald’s. However, McGowan has proven that concern wrong. Therefore, as an Owner/Operator, I would highly recommend McGowan to anybody without hesitation. McGowan has been truly excellent to me and I look forward to many more years of partnership.”

– 4 Store Michigan Operator

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