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Brokers and Real Estate Agents can rest easy knowing their interests are being protected when they “Think McGowan.”

Real estate agents face numerous uncertainties in their job. With real estate transactions becoming more complex every year, agents are at a greater risk for litigation than ever before. With coverages available for independent real estate agents, firms, appraisers and auctioneers, having the right insurance protections in place is crucial to reduce exposure to the ever-growing risks associated with this industry.

Product Overview

Eligible Classes

  • Independent Real Estate Agents & Brokers including Independent Contractors
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Real Estate  Appraiser Firms
  • Real Estate Auctioneers

Product: Errors & Omissions Insurance

Limits: Up to $5MM

Carrier: “A” Rated Carrier / Admitted Paper

Territory: Nationwide except in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana and New York

Special Features & Coverages

  • Express “Self-Rate” applications
  • Incentive for early claims resolution
  • Broad Form Professional Services
  • Fair Housing Discrimination – $250,000 with options to buy higher limits
  • Unlimited retiree, disability or death extended reporting period options
  • Coverage provided if insured is called as an Expert Witness
  • Enhanced coverage for the following:
    Reimbursement of Expenses $7,500 / $25,000
    Disciplinary Actions $25,000 / $50,000
    Non-Profit D&O Coverage $15,000 / $30,000
    Subpoena Expenses $25,000
    Reimbursement for Reputation Expenses $5,000
    Reimbursement for Security Incident $25,000 / $50,000

 Partnering with McGowan

Brokers who partner with McGowan not only gain access to an experienced team of insurance professionals who understand the nature of the real estate industry, they also get the unique policies afforded with McGowan’s “Power of the Pen.” With limits up to $1 million and coverages available everywhere in the country except Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana and New York, real estate agents can rest easy at night when they think McGowan.

Download: Real Estate Agents Marketing Flyer

Real Estate Agents E&O Applications

Express “Self Rate” Applications for Smaller Firms: For Applicants with total annual gross revenues of less than $500,000 (over the past 36 months or 3 years).

Download: Express Application
Download: Real Estate Express Application FL
Download: Real Estate Express Application MO
Download: Real Estate Express Application NH

Standard Application: For Applicants with total annual gross revenues greater than $500,000 (over the past 36 months or 3 years).

Download: Standard Application
Download: Standard Real Estate Application NH

Standard Application Supplementals: Supplemental Applications which may be required due to the information provided on the Standard Application.

Download: Business Brokerage Supplement
Download: Construction Development Supplement
Download: Other Services Supplement
Download: Purchase of Merger Supplement
Download: Purchase or Merger Supplement MO
Download: Real Estate Professionals E&O Supplement
Download: Claim Supplement

To Obtain Quotes

Pricing indications are provided with the submission of our application.  Quotes are subject to the following:

  1.     A thoroughly-completed application, along with all applicable supplements.
  2.     Expiring declarations page if insured has current coverage.

To Bind Coverage

The following items are required in order to bind coverage:

  1.     A written request to bind.
  2.     A thoroughly-completed application.
  3.     Expiring declarations page (if insured has current coverage).
  4.     Five years of currently-valued, carrier generated loss runs (if claims activity is indicated on the

Contact:  Neil McGowan

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