Hotel Umbrella Insurance

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McGowan Program Administrators Hotel Umbrella Program

McGowan Program Administrators Hotel Umbrella policy provides the necessary insurance coverage to handle the risks associated with running a motel, hotel, resort or casino. Operating an establishment that houses tourists and travelers from all over the world naturally gives rise to peculiar situations. When the unfortunate occurs during one of these moments, it pays to expect the unexpected.

Protecting all your properties

McGowan Program Administrators Hotel Umbrella policies include limits of $2 million to $225 million. With special features like proprietary risk purchasing groups and no shared limits, McGowan offers the necessary umbrella coverage crucial for protecting resorts or motels from the unique set of challenges they must safeguard themselves against.

Eligible classes covered by the umbrella policy include:

  • Limited Service Hotels
  • Full Service Hotels
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Destination Resorts
  • Casino Hotels & Resorts

Product Overview

Products: Primary & Excess Umbrella

Limits: $2MM-$225MM

Carrier: “A” Rated Carriers / Admitted Paper

Territory: All 50 States

Required Underlying Rating: A- / VI Or Better

Available “Follow Form” Coverages

  • Automobile Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Liquor Liability

Minimum Attachment

  • General Liability: $1MM/$2MM
  • Auto Liability: $1MM
  • Employers Liability: $100K/$500K/$100K

Special Features & Coverages

  • Proprietary Risk Purchasing Group
  • Defense Costs Outside the Limits
  • No Shared Limits- Each Insured Receives Its Own Policy & Policy Number
  • Aggregates Per Location

Partnering with McGowan

From slip-and-fall incidents to transportation accidents, and from bed bugs to the rise of cyber security threats, the lodging & gaming industry faces a growing number of threats every day. However, by taking the necessary steps to mitigate these risks, managers can implement the proper strategies to keep pace and respond to these ever-evolving challenges.  Brokers who partner with McGowan Program Administrators gain years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that helps them identify and respond to the pressures and risks impacting the leisure industry. 

Hospitality Umbrella Insurance Brochure 

Download: Real Estate & Hospitality Umbrella Application
Download: Named Insured & Locations Schedule
Download: Condominium Supplemental
Download: Hospitality Supplemental
Download: Marina Supplemental

To Obtain Quotes

Agents may submit any Acords, COPE/SOV schedules, or supplementals they have on file for initial pricing from McGowan Program Administrators. Firm quotations are subject to receipt of the following:

  1. A fully completed application and any supplementals that may apply (Hotel, Marina).
  2. A fully completed Named Insured & Location Schedule.
  3. Three years of currently-valued (generated within the past six months), hard copy loss runs.

To Bind Coverage

The following items are required in order to bind coverage:

  1. A written request to bind on or before the effective date of coverage.
  2. A fully completed application and any supplementals that may apply (Hotel, Marina).
  3. A fully completed Named Insured & Location Schedule.
  4. Three years of currently-valued (must be carrier generated within the past six months), hard copy loss runs.
  5. Underlying declaration pages including schedules of forms, limits, locations, and insureds.

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