Environmental Contractors Insurance

Brokers and Contractors can rest easy knowing their best interests are being protected when they “Think McGowan.”

McGowan Program Administrators offers package insurance for environmental contractors.

Download: Environmental Contractors Package Insurance Brochure

The package policy covers the following eligible classes:

ELIGIBLE CLASSES – Including, BUT Not Limited To

  • AST/UST Installation/Maintenance/Cleaning Contractor
  • Air/Water/Soil Remediation
  • Lead and Mold Abatement
  • Remediation Contractors
  • Emergency Response Contractors
  • Lab Packing
  • PCB Handling
  • Water Extraction/Drying Contractors

Product Overview


  • Environmental Services Package (GL/CPL/Professional), including supporting Commercial Auto and Excess


  • ESP:
    – GL: $1,000,000/$2,000,000/$2,000,000
    – CPL: $1,000,000
    – PL: $1,000,000
  • Auto: $1,000,000
  • Excess: $10,000,000


  • All 50 States (except New York)


  • A.M. Best “A+” XV Rated Carrier / Non-Admitted Paper

Special Features

To qualify for the Environmental Service Package program, the insured must have revenues of 60% or greater in Environmental Contracting and Consulting. Remaining revenues may be Non-environmental in nature.


  • Emergency Response Costs included to full policy limits
  • Successful mediation of a claim reduces the insured’s deductible by 50%
  • Complementary Environmental Emergency Response Program designed to assist insureds with environmental releases
  • Industry-leading claims team with expertise in adjusting and handling all levels of environmental claims


  • Mold and Legionella
  • Non-Owned disposal site coverage – blanket or scheduled – at a qualified location
  • Defense outside the limits
  • Losses to include Punitive Damages, Treble Damages, Fines and Penalties
  • Pollution from transportation included in the Commercial Auto
  • Extended Completed Operations Coverage

Partnering with McGowan

Most lawsuits filed against environmental contractors are the result of the creation or exacerbation of an environmental condition such as the spread of contaminated soils, disturbance of mold/lead paint/asbestos, and environmental releases caused by fires or water intrusion. Contractors need to know their businesses and the assets of their clients are safeguarded in the event of a pollution event. Brokers who partner with McGowan Program Administrators and our Environmental Services Package policy can find the necessary coverages, claims handling, and environmental emergency response expertise. By utilizing the “Power of the Pen,” McGowan bundles together unique and distinctive insurance policies with years of knowledge and a wealth of experience in the environmental insurance marketplace.

Download: Environmental Contractors Package Insurance Brochure

Environmental Contractors Package Application

Download: Environmental Contractors Package Insurance Application

Download: Environmental Fungus/Mold Supplemental

To Obtain Quotes

The following information is required to obtain a quote for Environmental Services Package:
1. General Liability Acord Application
2. Commercial Auto and Excess Liability Acord Application (if coverage is required)
3. Supplemental Environmental Contractor Application – McGowan or competitor acceptable for quoting
4. Five years of currently valued loss runs for all lines of business
5. Resumes of key personnel (if professional liability is required)
6. Audited Financial Statements
7. Project List with 10 largest projects over the past 3 years
8. Sample Contract used with clients, subcontractors and sub-consultants

To Bind Coverage

The following is required to bind coverage:
1. Written request to bind coverage
2. Completed McGowan Environmental Application signed and dated by the insured
3. Completed and signed McGowan Surplus Broker Responsibility Form

Contact: Robert Newmarker