Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Insurance

Managers and owners can maintain a secure environment for their business and rest easy at night when they “Think McGowan.”

 McGowan Program Administrators Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Insurance Program

Various organizations have a “duty of care” to maintain a secure environment for their staff, tenants, patients, and visitors. In the event of a deadly attack, they could be liable for regulatory and civil actions.  There are significant challenges to securing places of business, particularly ones where visitors “come and go” frequently. Despite security measures, businesses with frequent visitors are difficult to secure. These organizations are particularly susceptible to “lone attackers” who can enter buildings unchallenged.

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Product Overview

Eligible Classes:
We will consider all classes of business, here are some examples:
• Education • Religious • Retail • Entertainment • Hospitality • Lodging • Healthcare • Public Entities (County, Cities, Townships)

Carrier: “A” XV Rated Carriers

Territory: All 50 States


• Primary Liability:  $1MM – $25MM
• Business Income:  $1MM-$20MM
• Property Damage: $500,000
• Crisis Response Services: $500,000
• Counseling Expense: $500,000
• Funeral Expense:  $500,000

Special Features & Coverages:

• Primary 3rd Party Liability Coverage, for lawsuits arising from Active Shooter/Deadly Weapon Events.
• Primary 1st Party Business Interruption Expenses Coverage with Loss of Attraction
• Property Damage Included
• Vulnerability Risk Assessment and Active Shooter Safety Action Plan Seminar provided
• Post Event Crisis Management / Crisis Counseling / Funeral Expenses Coverage
• 24-hour Crisis Management Hot Line Service to help the organization respond immediately
• Call Center, Emergency Communications, Recovery Plan and Arranging Counseling and Funeral Services
• No Exclusion for Vehicles /  Employees  /  Terrorism /  Act of Burglary /  under 3 casualties / over 50 casualties

Partnering with McGowan

Brokers who partner with McGowan gain access to an experienced team of professionals who understand the risks and what’s needed to protect these facilities.  McGowan’s “Power of the Pen” offers uniquely tailored policies with primary liability limits between $1 million and $25 million. With coverages available nationwide, brokers and owners can maintain a secure environment for their businesses and rest easy at night when they “Think McGowan.”

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Download: Global Crisis Coverage Application

Contact:  Paul Marshall

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