11 things to look for in an active shooter insurance policy

Active shooter/workplace violence insurance programs vary widely from one policy to the next. Each insurer has a different idea of which risks should be covered and at what cost, obliging buyers to weigh each policy provision carefully to make sure they have all the coverage they need. It’s not safe to assume your standard business […]

Workplace violence, domestic violence, and active shooters: What’s the link?

Active shooter incidents almost always happen where people work or live. Therefore, it’s impossible to ignore the links between mass shootings and workplace/domestic violence. As the accompanying table shows, just 9.4% of active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013 happened in an open space, according to the FBI. The rest happened primarily in workplaces, except […]

What happens in the aftermath of an active shooter situation?

It’s never really over. The impact of an active-shooter event lingers for years. Families and co-workers struggle to heal after losing loved ones. Businesses lose revenue and consider relocating. Attorneys file lawsuits to recapture monetary losses. And the losses pile up as the years pass. Sandy Hook Elementary School had to be rebuilt from the […]

4 Reasons Why Hotels Need Cyber Insurance

  Businesses everywhere have to defend against the rising threat of ransomware and the growing sophistication of cybercriminals. Hotels are no exception. Hotel News Now keeps a running list of the most well-publicized data breaches; no doubt many smaller attacks go unreported. These cyber intrusions are not altogether surprising when you consider four distinct challenges […]

How Hotels Can Avoid a Negligence Lawsuit

Call it a tale of two bugs. In in the first case, a hotel faced a $100,000 judgment because a guest woke up with a bunch of bedbug bites. In the second, a hotel guest who was apparently bitten by a venomous spider — and who almost lost a finger to infection — failed to […]