Hidden fire hazards to avoid in restaurants

While any structure or business is susceptible to fire, restaurant owners have more to worry about than most. Restaurant fires are destructive, costly, and many establishments don’t survive a fire loss. During a four-year study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were 7,640 structural fires in dining and drinking establishments. These fires caused […]

How Restaurants Can Make Disability Accommodations for Staff and Patrons

A great restaurateur knows how to accommodate guests, including guests with disabilities. More than 19% of the American population is disabled. At any time, a customer or employee may seek accommodation from your establishment. Knowing how to respond—and even to anticipate their needs—is imperative. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of people with […]

Insurance Coverage for Active Shooter Risks

By Paul Marshall A terror attack or mass shooting can plunge organizations into a disorienting world of trauma, grief, media scrutiny and litigation threats. When an attack occurs, the leaders of private companies and government entities alike feel driven to deliver a caring, supportive response to the victims and survivors. At the same time, they […]

What do EAPs Have to do with Workplace Violence?

A proactive approach is foundational to a successful workplace violence mitigation program. One such strategy is a comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP). An EAP is a confidential service provided to employees to assist them with personal issues. Often, these personal issues can affect job performance and even lead to instances of verbal abuse or violence […]

7 Tips to Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a problem that spans socioeconomic boundaries and reaches across all types of organizations. Two million Americans report incidents of workplace violence every year. While most attempts to mitigate workplace violence are based solely on security measures, there is a growing recognition that there must be solutions in place to address the problem […]