How Rideshare Apps Affect Restaurant Liability

It’s tempting to believe that rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can prevent accidents and save lives — especially if you own restaurants or other hospitality businesses that serve alcohol. Alcohol-impaired drivers accounted for more than 10,000 fatalities in 2015 — 29 percent of all crash deaths — according to the National Highway Transportation Safety […]

5 Steps Your Restaurant Can Take to Reduce Foodborne Illness Liability

Foodborne illnesses can be nightmare scenarios for restaurants — bad publicity scares customers away while owners confront a mountain of legal liabilities. Such imposing risks illustrate the value of zealous attention to food safety and outbreak prevention in restaurants, where two-thirds of all U.S. foodborne-illness outbreaks originate. All told, foodborne illnesses sicken one-sixth of the […]

Infographic: Workplace Violence: Why Active Shooter Insurance is Important Today

As the threat of workplace violence increases, so does the need for Active Shooter Insurance. Our infographic on statistics for active shooters in the workplace environment will help you understand the dangers that workplaces face, and how you can mitigate it. Join our Webinar: What do active shooter and workplace violence insurance policies cover?  

HOAs Make Insurance a Priority

In recent years, homeowners associations, have taken on a much more important role in the U.S. housing market. This fact makes it all the more vital that HOA leaders have the best financial and organizational tools at their disposal. By working with an insurance partner that understands their business on a deeper level, HOAs and […]

Cameras and Restaurant Liability Claims: Pros and Cons of Video Surveillance

Video cameras in restaurants can be an electronic witness for courts, cops, and insurance companies. Picture these common scenarios: An employee reports being injured in a fall in the kitchen, then files a workers’ compensation claim. A camera can confirm the claim’s validity and reveal lapses in safety procedures. An armed robbery at a drive-through […]

6 Risks that Land CPAs in Court and How to Mitigate Them

The work of a CPA is woven into people’s complex financial affairs. When people’s finances take a turn for the worse, they have a basic desire to get their money back — which makes their certified public accountant an attractive target. There’s no way to avoid every lawsuit, but CPA firms can take many steps […]