6 Pitfalls to Watch for in a CPA Merger and Acquisition

Accounting firms often need to merge when their business climate changes or partners reach retirement age. Some firms have talent gaps that a merger can fill, while others want to expand their reach into new geographic areas. Whatever their motivation, CPA firms need to use extreme care when acquiring or becoming acquired. Coming together requires […]

Why You Should Consider an Umbrella Liability Policy

If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to purchase primary coverage for liability related to just about every aspect of your organization. Your property, your employees and even your anticipated earnings can and should be insured to maintain peace of mind and protect from a devastating financial loss. However, even the best policies have their limits. […]

How Insurers Are Approaching Eclipse-Related Risks

Unless you’ve been distracted with other goings on, you’re probably well aware that a total solar eclipse will pass over most of the continental U.S. on Aug. 21. Since this rare solar event will not happen again in most of our lifetimes, it’s anticipated as a major spectacle in many areas, particularly across the stretch of […]

Restaurant safety remains challenging for food service

What was until recently one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the U.S. and a poster child for the organic food movement is finding itself mired in a battle against food-borne illness. “Liability and umbrella insurance coverage are essential for restaurant operators.” After a string of contaminations sickened hundreds of diners in 2015, Chipotle Mexican […]

Why CPAs Should Consider Cyber Insurance

CPAs keep vast troves of valuable personal data that cybercriminals are itching to get their fingers on. So far, the most notorious CPA breaches have culminated in identity thefts that led to fraudulent tax returns. Those cases became the bane of recent tax seasons when victims tried to file their taxes with the IRS and […]