Why More Hotels are Incorporating Panic Buttons

Some U.S. cities, including Chicago and Seattle, legally require hotels to supply panic buttons that allow their housekeeping staff to summon help in a crisis. Other hotel chains are also adding these small wireless devices voluntarily. Panic buttons can be lifesavers if housekeeping staff arrive first on the scene of a fire or crime in […]

How Hotels Can Reduce Liability By Encouraging Ridesharing

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft can help hotels and motels take a stand against drunken driving without alienating intoxicated guests. These apps can call a driver directly to the hotel and reveal precisely where the patron needs to go. That solves the perpetual challenge of calling a cab that might show up an hour […]

What Turns an Incident Into a Lawsuit?

You can’t prevent every injury at your family entertainment center (FEC). The abundance of variables with mechanical parts and the boundless potential for human error are too vast to reduce injury risk completely to zero. But you can reduce the likelihood of getting sued. These four tactics can keep your customers safer while making it […]

Workplace Violence: Key Statistics

Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Workplace violence statistics are staggering: Each year, nearly 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence, which was the 2nd leading cause […]