A CPA’s Guide to Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability management is an often-overlooked part of CPAs’ and accounting firms’ security position. The core of vulnerability management is vulnerability scanning and remediation through patch management. There are many reasons vulnerability scanning is important including: Compliance with regulatory requirements such as those established by FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and SEC. Determining vulnerability in your network […]

Simple Ways to Avoid Community Association Lawsuits

Community association volunteer board members often bear the brunt of complaints and challenges when they change rules, make decisions, or pass special assessments. Many times, unhappy unit owners can go so far as to file claims and lawsuits against community associations and their board members. Even the most conscientious community association boards can find themselves […]

Why More Hotels are Incorporating Panic Buttons

Some U.S. cities, including Chicago and Seattle, legally require hotels to supply panic buttons that allow their housekeeping staff to summon help in a crisis. Other hotel chains are also adding these small wireless devices voluntarily. Panic buttons can be lifesavers if housekeeping staff arrive first on the scene of a fire or crime in […]