How to Deal with Ethical Dilemmas as an Accountant

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are not immune to legal risks and can wade into risky territory at any time. Ethical and legal dilemmas cannot always be avoided. Superior risk management strategies must be put into place to help prevent any unintended legal ramifications from the work CPAs do for their clients. Common ethical dilemmas should […]

5 Things to Look For in an Accountants E&O Professional Liability Policy

Despite what many accountants think, not all professional liability policies are created equal. At a minimum, the best policies offer the broadest coverage at the best value with a trusted insurance provider. Some policies, however, go above and beyond. They’re not just good; they’re excellent. These policies differentiate themselves by providing the highest level of […]

The History of the Pollution Exclusion on Commercial General Liability

Over the last 40 plus years, the evolution of the pollution exclusion has taken many different twists and turns. As the most litigated policy language in the history of the Commercial General Liability (CGL) form, the establishment and numerous revisions of this exclusionary wording continue to create coverage disputes and discussion. In general, policy exclusions […]

Strategies to Reduce Incidents of Escalating Workplace Violence

Workers across all industries expect some level of safety when reporting for work to do their jobs. While some professionals such as police officers and first responders are aware of the risks of workplace violence, other professionals likely assume they are safe when going to work. But statistics tell us this isn’t always the case. […]

An Analysis of School Violence and Threats

A look back on the past year wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging a growing and alarming trend. While violent crime may be down in many areas of the country, a specific segment of mass violence is on the rise – school shootings. In the aftermath of these tragedies, attention shifted to gun-related issues, legislation, law […]