How Data Breach Insurance Protects Your Business

data breach insurance

In today’s business environment, nothing is more valuable than information. Companies collect huge amounts of data and gain insights into a wide variety of factors that impact their bottom line, like customers’ buying habits, logistics for delivering products to retailers, and the needs of employees. Analyzing those findings often presents an organization with opportunities to […]

How Senior Care Insurance Guards Against Sexual Abuse

Senior Care Insurance

Sexual assault against seniors in nursing homes is a horrific and under-reported problem in the U.S. The management of senior care facilities have a vital responsibility to provide vulnerable residents with the best possible living conditions and treatment, but many institutions have fallen short of that commitment. The unthinkable nature of these crimes makes it […]

How HOA Insurance Can Protect Your Community Association

Community Association Insurance

Community associations are tasked with keeping residential areas well cared for and safe, managing routine maintenance and watching out for the security of the subdivision or building. A homeowners association insurance policy is an important part of fulfilling that responsibility. Though you may be confident that your association’s directors and officers are diligent about fulfilling […]

Planning to Prevent All Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks and data breaches have become a nearly inevitable part of doing business. According to Forrester, about 1 billion digital records were compromised in 2016, most of them from government agencies, retailers or technology firms. Organizations in all industries and of all sizes have found themselves subject to intrusions into their systems that are […]

McGowan Purchases Assets of North American Professional Liability Insurance Agency, LLC (“NAPLIA”)

Naplia acquisition

The McGowan Companies (“McGowan”) has purchased the assets of North American Professional Liability Insurance Agency, LLC (“NAPLIA”), effective 4/1/2017. In the near future, NAPLIA will be re-branded under the McGowan Program Administrators brand (and will function as a division of McGowan & Company, Inc.). Established in 1999, NAPLIA is one of the pre-eminent Program Administrators […]