Abuse in Senior Homes: Reducing Risk for Staff

Elderly care facilities exist to provide for the needs of seniors, including everything from a range of health services to social activities. When the staff at a nursing home or assisted living community is accused of elder abuse, it rocks the foundation of the institution. These allegations have massive consequences for the individuals involved and […]

How Senior Care Insurance Guards Against Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault against seniors in nursing homes is a horrific and under-reported problem in the U.S. The management of senior care facilities have a vital responsibility to provide vulnerable residents with the best possible living conditions and treatment, but many institutions have fallen short of that commitment. The unthinkable nature of these crimes makes it […]

Why Senior Care Facilities Need an Insurance Partner that Understands Their Risks

When it comes to caring for their elderly patients, senior care centers can’t take any risks. Although many do their best to provide top-notch care to their residents, sometimes problems can arise and accusations of senior abuse can rattle an institution. Whether a worker was acting with malicious intent or care inadvertently grew negligent over […]

Preparing Senior Care Facilities For The New Year

Now that 2016 has been relegated to the history books, 2017 is likely to usher in an era of changes and uncertainty. One of the biggest changes set to impact the senior care sector will manifest itself in the new presidential administration scheduled to take control of the White House. While the precise political ramifications […]