How Rideshare Apps Affect Restaurant Liability

It’s tempting to believe that rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can prevent accidents and save lives — especially if you own restaurants or other hospitality businesses that serve alcohol. Alcohol-impaired drivers accounted for more than 10,000 fatalities in 2015 — 29 percent of all crash deaths — according to the National Highway Transportation Safety […]

5 Steps Your Restaurant Can Take to Reduce Foodborne Illness Liability

Foodborne illnesses can be nightmare scenarios for restaurants — bad publicity scares customers away while owners confront a mountain of legal liabilities. Such imposing risks illustrate the value of zealous attention to food safety and outbreak prevention in restaurants, where two-thirds of all U.S. foodborne-illness outbreaks originate. All told, foodborne illnesses sicken one-sixth of the […]

Cameras and Restaurant Liability Claims: Pros and Cons of Video Surveillance

Video cameras in restaurants can be an electronic witness for courts, cops, and insurance companies. Picture these common scenarios: An employee reports being injured in a fall in the kitchen, then files a workers’ compensation claim. A camera can confirm the claim’s validity and reveal lapses in safety procedures. An armed robbery at a drive-through […]

Restaurant Safety Remains Challenging for Food Service

What was until recently one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the U.S. and a poster child for the organic food movement is finding itself mired in a battle against food-borne illness. “Liability and umbrella insurance coverage are essential for restaurant operators.” After a string of contaminations sickened hundreds of diners in 2015, Chipotle Mexican […]

As Restaurant and Bar Business Booms, Insurance Sellers Can Find Opportunities in This Sector

Restaurants are a booming business in America, and experts only anticipate this growth trend to continue. After reaching $586.7 billion in industry sales in 2010, sales in this sector are projected to reach $782.7 billion in 2016, maintaining the same upward trajectory it’s been following since 1970, according to the National Restaurant Association. There are […]