What Turns an Incident Into a Lawsuit?

You can’t prevent every injury at your family entertainment center (FEC). The abundance of variables with mechanical parts and the boundless potential for human error are too vast to reduce injury risk completely to zero. But you can reduce the likelihood of getting sued. These four tactics can keep your customers safer while making it […]

7 Tips to Reduce Risk in Family Entertainment Centers

Limiting risk helps everybody in the family entertainment center (FEC) community. Customers and workers stay healthy and keep coming back. Owners and managers make profit targets and grow the business. The longer you avoid mishaps and lawsuits, the stronger your reputation becomes. Doing only the obvious — following safety protocols and obeying the laws enforcing […]

How to Properly Use Extension Cords to Prevent Injury and Property Damage

The most common, convenient, and easiest way to provide electrical power to an appliance, tool, or piece of equipment that cannot reach an outlet is through an extension cord. These highly common insulated and flexible devices are available in almost any sundry retail store, hardware, or home supply facilities. Consisting of an outlet, plug and […]

Social Media: What You Say Can Hurt You

Websites and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer businesses a great way to economically market their services and capabilities, attract and communicate with customers, and transact sales. The use of this media by businesses is rapidly expanding as increasing numbers of consumers use the Internet to research and purchase products and services, […]