6 Risks that Land CPAs in Court and How to Mitigate Them

The work of a CPA is woven into people’s complex financial affairs. When people’s finances take a turn for the worse, they have a basic desire to get their money back — which makes their certified public accountant an attractive target. There’s no way to avoid every lawsuit, but CPA firms can take many steps […]

6 Pitfalls to Watch for in a CPA Merger and Acquisition

Accounting firms often need to merge when their business climate changes or partners reach retirement age. Some firms have talent gaps that a merger can fill, while others want to expand their reach into new geographic areas. Whatever their motivation, CPA firms need to use extreme care when acquiring or becoming acquired. Coming together requires […]

Why CPAs Should Consider Cyber Insurance

CPAs keep vast troves of valuable personal data that cybercriminals are itching to get their fingers on. So far, the most notorious CPA breaches have culminated in identity thefts that led to fraudulent tax returns. Those cases became the bane of recent tax seasons when victims tried to file their taxes with the IRS and […]