Social Media: What You Say Can Hurt You

Websites and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer businesses a great way to economically market their services and capabilities, attract and communicate with customers, and transact sales. The use of this media by businesses is rapidly expanding as increasing numbers of consumers use the Internet to research and purchase products and services, […]

Why Mold Can Spell Disaster for All Types of Contractors

Mold is a destructive nemesis for the construction industry and it has caused numerous problems for all kinds of contractors ranging from electricians to HVAC to roofers to environmental remediation. When it comes to mold-related issues, mold doesn’t discriminate. For this reason, it is vital that contractors across all segments and their insurance brokers consider […]

11 things to look for in an active shooter insurance policy

Active shooter/workplace violence insurance programs vary widely from one policy to the next. Each insurer has a different idea of which risks should be covered and at what cost, obliging buyers to weigh each policy provision carefully to make sure they have all the coverage they need. It’s not safe to assume your standard business […]

Workplace violence, domestic violence, and active shooters: What’s the link?

Active shooter incidents almost always happen where people work or live. Therefore, it’s impossible to ignore the links between mass shootings and workplace/domestic violence. As the accompanying table shows, just 9.4% of active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013 happened in an open space, according to the FBI. The rest happened primarily in workplaces, except […]