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The Unnecessary Voluntary Assumption of Liability by the Association Board

Indiana Association Help Now, 2013

Fitting the Pieces

Community Association Living, April 2013

Where to Begin – A Solid Strategy

Community Association Living, February 2013

The Insurance Puzzle – What Boards Must Do and Must Avoid

Community Association Living, November 2012

It Never Rains in Texas So Why Buy an Umbrella?

Community Association Living, 2012

A Wake Up Call for all Community Associations: Homeowners Awarded $30.7 Million in Lawsuit Against Northwest Indiana Homeowners Association

AssociationHelpNow, August 2011

Do You Have an Elephant in the Living Room? The Power of Reserve Studies for Community Association

The New Jersey Cooperator, November 2010

Community Association Insurance. Writing Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Insurance

Florida Underwriter, September 2009

Insured v. Insured Exclusion– What Is It All About in the Community Association’s Directors & Officers Policy

Community Interests, May 2009

Filing a Successful Claim

New England Condominium, October 2012

The Attorney Audit of the Community Association Insurance Puzzle

National Community Association Law Conference Seminar Material, January 2010

The Claim Has Landed–Now What?

National Community Association Law Conference Seminar Material, January 2009

Cover Your Assets: When Are You Not Covered by Your D&O Policy

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bank: Fraud in the Community Association

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Errors & Omissions Exposure, Minimize Your Risk

Condo Media, November 2007

Where Do We Begin? A Solid Strategy Puts an Association’s Insurance Pieces in Place

Condo Media, November 2006

Do Your Homework: What the Association Board Needs To Do

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Hawaii Community Associations Publication, August 2005

The Insurance Mystery. Where Does the Association’s Responsibility End and the Homeowner’s Begin?

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Directors & Officers Liability– Not All Policies are Created Equal

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Condo Management Magazine, January 2002

The Value of Loss Assessment Coverage: Covering Your Bases

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It’s a Groundless Complaint; It Will Go Away Soon According to Our Property Manager or Attorney — Why Should it Impact Our Insurance?

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Condo Management Magazine, January 2003

No Myth. The Truth On Errors & Omissions Coverage

Condo Media Magazine, November 2004

Community Association D&O Risk: Good Intentions Are Not Enough

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Saving on Community Association Insurance, Is It Possible? 

Florida Community Association Journal, May 2004

Who Wants To Be a Fully Insured Condo Association? The Condominium Insurance Claim Game

New England Condominium, August 2005